Favorite quotes

  1. Sou como você me vê.
    Posso ser leve como uma brisa ou forte como uma ventania,
    Depende de quando e como você me vê passar.
  2. Some are born as eunuchs, some have been made eunuchs by others, and some choose not to marry for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven.
  3. Love is when he or she crawls into your bed at night and you would rather be alone than be with anyone else.
  4. I have often repented speaking, but never of holding my tongue. (Xenocrates of Chalcedon)
  5. No matter how attached we’re to each other, if the other person can’t learn to appreciate my interests, then I’ll never be able to keep up that relationship. (Ai Yazawa – Nana)
  6. Time won’t fly. It’s like I’m paralyzed by it. I’d like to be my old self again, but I’m still trying to find it. (Kawahara Reki – Sword Art Online)
  7. Don’t just give up. Life is about getting knocked down over and over, but still getting up each time. If you keep getting up, you win.
  8. No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.
  9. Standing alone doesn’t mean I am alone. It means I am strong enough to handle all by myself.
  10. I’m standing for love! because Sometimes at first sight you know that some person is your destiny.